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I'm going to ask you to give me a lot of money for a simple PDF. No bonuses, either.

Just a straight to the point, step-by-step system on the right way to outsource without looking like an idiot... plus a no-cost way to begin outsourcing... as well as outsourcing projects that can make you a lot of money... explained from start to finish.

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My name is Jason Fladlien, and a while back oDesk - a billion dollar plus outsourcing portal - sent us this:

Now understand - oDesk is not the only place we outsource to... yet I find it interesting no other marketer selling an outsourcing product has ever shown a certificate like the one I just showed you above.

Either they just didn't think it important enough (unlikely) or...

they teach about outsourcing more than they actually do outsourcing!

That's why - even though outsourcing your Internet based business is nothing new - there are so few people doing it. This starts all the way at the top, the big gurus, and permeates down to the rank beginner trying to put up their first WordPress blog.

Why the disconnect? I'll tell you why... because most marketers who you are buying products from are teaching you simple, short term money making tactics... and not how to grow a solid, sustainable, reliable business.

I should know, because I used to be one of them. I sold my first product online in November of 2007. Prior to that I was eking out a living for $12 an hour painting houses. Some way or another, by 2009 I was running a respectable business. But I hit a bottleneck. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get above $500,000 a year. The bottle neck in my business was... unfortunately... me.

Then, when I removed it, my business instantly jumped to over $1,800,000 in a single year. Then last year - my best year yet - my business pulled in just a little over $4,200,000.

In fact in the last 3 years I've produced 8 figures in sales!

And here's what I found - you can't do those numbers by yourself. You need to outsource... but not the way everyone else teaches. The good news is it doesn't matter if you have already made money or not. With our approach we've proven that there is no "too soon" a time to start outsourcing. That's like someone saying "I'll wait until I get fat before I diet and exercise".

What I have for you today is an absolute must, if you're serious about making money online the right way. I have, in this little PDF, revealed to you every major secret, breakthrough, technique and approach for actually making money outsourcing the majority of your business.

Why am I sharing this with you?

It's simple. I want to make money. While it took me countless hours, tons of stress, and effort... I did finally crack the code to outsourcing for profit.

Now, I have no problem thinking you could do the same thing on your own, given enough time and effort. But why? Wouldn't you rather pay a little money to me to shave hours off trial-and-erring your way to figuring this out?

Why should you care that I make a bit of money if you can make a lot more once you follow what I reveal in Outsource Quest. Frankly, you're getting the better end of the deal here.

Are you getting excited Yet?

I hope so. Usually to get your hands on a training of this caliber it would cost you several hundred, if not thousands of dollars... and it'd be worth every penny.

That's why you'll agree that even though you're only getting a single PDF.... that a one time payment of $49.95 is worth it, right?

Of course, the catch is that I may raise the price at any time, so you need to act today to guarantee you get this low price.

What exactly is
Outsource Quest?

I'm glad you asked. In a nutshell, it's the single greatest guide on outsourcing to ever hit the Internet.

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I have to tell you something - we're not even half way through everything you'll discover yet. I have several other gems waiting for you when you invest in Outsource Quest.

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P.S. If you don't want to burn yourself out micromanaging losers people who have no place to be in business... you're making the right choice by investing in this. Start outsourcing tasks that you're sick of immediately... and be sure that they'll be done on time!